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These pages are here to hopefully inspire others to start with the art of model railroading and to share my humble experiences as a model navvy with others. Some people describe model railroading, when it´s at it´s finest as the ultimate art form and I agree with them. Just have a look at these photos from Charlie Comstock's The Bear Creek & South Jackson Railroad[LINK], it somehow dwindles art projects like "Bonk Business Inc." and "Absolut" paintings/posters.


About me

Im a child of 68 and live in Växjö, in the south of Sweden, once known for it´s three gauge railwaytracks. I have lived in the mining town of Kiruna above the Arctic circle in Sweden between August 1988 and June 2001. I have been interrested in trains since I got my first LEGO trains at an age of 4 to 5 years. I also got my first real trainset under christmas tree once. It was a Märklin starter set with a small 0-3-0 tankengine with two passenger cars and one extra open freightcar. I still got those and the LEGO trains hidden somewhere in a closet at my parents home. In my boy room I had a Märklin layout that took up half the room. The bed stood on wheels and rolled nicely under the layout.

I have read model railroad magazines and books since I moved to Kiruna and also bought some equipment during that time. In January 2000 I decided to subscribe to Model Railroader and suddenly noticed that it actually was the only type of magazine that I then read from the cover to the last page. In January 2001 I decided that I should build a layout, so I started buildning Rake Gruva (Rake Mining Co.) a small H0e layout. I decided that I should document the progress on a webbsite so that other could be inspired in the same way as I was. At the moment I´m active in theVäxjö Navvies[LINK].



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