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The Mill an English style of layout with a fiddle yard in H0e (H0n30, HOe, HOn30).

The Mill a "new" Layout in progress (restarted in 2012)
An English style of layout with a fiddle yard in H0e (HOn30).

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8th report
June 2002    The previous report × The next report

Ready for track laying

The corkbed is in place

The corkbed is almost all in place. Some of the foundations for houses have been raised with cork. I have made holes for the servicepit and the ashpit. Ditches and depressions have been cut out. Drainpipes and a big stone are glued in place. A hill with the railroad cutting thru has been added east of the future engineshed.

The ashpit and the

The servicepit in the engineshed is made out of a plastic stair, plasticcard and some masonite pieces. I sawed of the ties between the rails with a yewlerssaw. Painted it all in a concrete colour. The ashpit is made out of matches(bought 2000 with out sulphur, cheap in a hobbystore). Down in the right corner, it visable how I cut the sides of the corkbed.

Author: Peter Arneke
All photos by: Peter Arneke, except for the Shay at the top.
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