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Preiser H0 miniature figures

Different tradesmen, 120 unpainted miniature figures

[IMG] Zoom in 449 Kb
I bought a box of unpainted figures.
[IMG] Zoom in 576 Kb
This is all whats in the box. I have started painting most of them. The grey is a moviecamera, TV-cameras, tripods and lighting.
[IMG] Zoom in 314 Kb
Here is a close up. I made a nice skin colour mix of Floquils signal red, reefer white and earth paint. Only a few drops of each was enough for the flesh on 80 of the figures. (A little red, much white and some earth.)
Some of the figures are getting some colour.

Author: Peter Arneke
All photos by: Peter Arneke, except for the Shay at the top.
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