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Stumps are something that most forests are full of.
I have been thinking on how to make my own stumps. And while looking at small twigs and turning them upside down I came up with this easy method. You don´t even have to paint the stumps they come out in the colour of the twigs you pick. Go out and pick som twigs with the same diameter as the finished stumps should have and while your out there observ all the stumps you can from a distance. Then follow my instruction below. I mostly use Lilacs(Syringa vulgaris) since they are grey and grow outside my window.
How to make a stump
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Ok, you can make clean cuts without breaking of the twig, that if there has been a real lumberjack around.
Now get out a sharp round instrument, poke hole where you want the stump on the layout. Apply some glue of your preference on the tip of the stump and plant it firmly in the hole. Behold the STUMP !

Twigs (I mostly use Lilacs (Syringa vulgaris))        

Usefull tool:

A sharp round instrument

Author: Peter Arneke
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